Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some Lesser-Known Christmas Songs

If you're anything like me, around the halfway point between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you're going CRAZY because of all the same Christmas songs playing again and again and again, the same tune and words just with different voices and arrangement, or that same popular song played on the radio fifty times a day (how many times am I expected to hear Taylor Swift whining as usual about her freaking boy issues during Christmas?!)...

First, I really do like Christmas music. But the situation above makes things a little tiresome for me about this time. That's why I want to introduce you to some Christmas songs you might not know, and if you do, your ears probably haven't been boxed in by them yet.

This one is my all-time favorite (and this original version specifically). Mary's Boy Child by Harry Belafonte. I have so many childhood memories of listening to this song during Christmas and marveling about how miraculous Christmas is.

I was raised on The Beach Boy's Christmas Album. This is one of their songs, Little Saint Nick. I LOVE dancing to this and decorating the tree:

And, for a last one, Christmastime by Hilary Weeks. This one is so cozy and makes me think of all the amazing things that Christmas is:

On a completely unrelated note, I would like to proudly declare that I have not yet been put under torture submission to hear any of Justin Bieber's Christmas songs. It's a beautiful, wonderful feeling to be free of such horrid pop culture.


  1. One of my favorite Christmas albums is Harry Connick Jr. - definitely worth checking out.

  2. I love Christmas music. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Thanks for sharing those! One of my favorites is "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas". So cute!

  4. Thanks for sharing. It is good to get some fresh tunes. My kids keep asking for "baby" songs so we're singing all the ones about baby Jesus.

  5. My daughter is in a dance class and they did a ton of songs for their Christmas shows. One of the songs my daughter danced to was a Justin Bieber song--Santa Clause is Coming to Town. They did it like ten times in a row for a parade. ;)

  6. Hmmm totally being corny here - but my fave Christmas Song is WHAM's Last Christmas :D

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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