Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Red Ryder BB Gun

I hope you all are doing well. I just got over the flu (blech) so I've been a little out of it the past few days. But I'm just glad I came down with it before Christmas and not during.

Last night, my family and I watched the classic movie, A Christmas Story. It's one of those movies that we just have to watch every year. I think it's funny watching it in the retrospect of a more adult-like person now and reminiscing more than being the kid. And last night, I reminisced on my own Red Ryder BB Gun.

Well, not an actual one of those, of course. But the one present that I want so badly I would have done nearly anything to get it. For me, my ultimate Christmas gift would have been a kitten. I knew my parents would never give me a cat, but hey, Santa was the one giving gifts at Christmas, not the parents. I knew if I were really good, I'd wake up on Christmas and under the tree there'd be a cute little kitten under the tree sleeping in the early hours of the morning. My mom told me that Santa wouldn't get me a cat because he also knew what my parents didn't want me to get. But I believed so much that I'd get a kitten. This happened for several years until I realized just how accurate my mom was in that Santa wouldn't get me a cat because my parents didn't want one. I'd pretty much given up.

Then I went into middle school. And uh, yeah, I guess you can imagine the type of 'tude I got. My dad was puzzled about it, but thought that maybe if I got a cat like I'd always wanted, I'd be loving to the cat, and therefore more loving to my family (they were really the only ones who got the 'tude from me). So, after many months, he finally convinced my mom to get me a cat. I didn't wake up on Christmas to a kitten sleeping under the tree, I had to wait until January to pick one out, but it was still considered one of my Christmas presents.

And so after many, many years, I finally got my own Red Ryder BB Gun.

What Christmas present was your Red Ryder BB Gun? Have you given anyone the present they wanted more than anything?


  1. I don't remember having a Red Ryder BB Gun wish as a kid. #2 wee beastie had one. He wanted like anything, wished like mad, and researched...a guinea pig. Santa delivered a couple years ago. And there was nothing better than watching his eyes grow big and his squeal of joy :)

  2. Ah! I love watching those go-to Christmas movies every year. My favorite gift was a Little Mermaid purse when I was five. Creative, I know. Great blog!

  3. Mine was a horse! And finally, the year I turned twelve, I got Rocker Bars, a tall bay Appendix Quarter Horse.

    And Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra to you!

  4. I don't remember any. There were things I wanted but I don't remember any one all consuming desire. Hmmm, maybe I didn't get it and therefore repressed the memory.

  5. Hi Jenna..nice to meet you. You finally got the cat/kitten you wanted. I love giving gifts and ofcourse receiving them. I make sure I know what the other person wants and then I surprise them by giving them exactly that.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year in Advance.

  6. Ha, I watched this movie for the first time last night! So funny.

    I don't know if I have an all-time coveted Christmas gift, but right now I'm in a similar boat--though I want a puppy. ;)


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