Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dream Team: Gilmore Girls Edition

A few months ago, I made this post about who from NBC's The Office I'd pick for the jobs that go into making a book happen. This post is the same idea, only this time using the character's from Gilmore Girls.
Jess Mariano as my CP. He published his own book on a small press, and he knows his stuff. Besides Paris, he was the one who could keep up with Rory when she talked books. He'd give amazing feedback.
Paris Geller as my agent. She gets whatever she wants. She might be intimidating, but that's why she'd be awesome with getting me the best deal. The insanity with dealing with her would be worth it in the end. I think.
Rory Gilmore as my editor. She already has background as an editor on the show, too, and she's always constructive with her criticism but supportive as well.
Olivia (one of the most obscure characters, I know, but she was still in the series) as the cover designer. She's the one character who's most artistic and I think she would be able to make an amazing design for the cover.
Richard Gilmore in charge of marketing. He knows business, and as he showed in the episode with Rory's mock business group, he knows how to appeal to younger audiences, too.

This is my dream team according to the cast of Gilmore Girls. I think I would be quite satisfied with this crew.


  1. Oh shame on me I've never watched Gilmore Girls even though I've heard so many people rave about it! But this is still a cool idea, coming up with publishing dream team!

    I love your previous post, too. I still refer to my writing as "my stories" or "my novels" too - they aren't really "books" until they have bindings, right?.

  2. I've seen one episode of Gilmore Girls. And it was awesome. If only I'd been able to watch more TV in high school I could have enjoyed this series!

    Happy Holidays (what little there are left) and may your 2012 be full of more awesome/stories/chocolate explosions.

  3. This is beyond awesome! I totally love Gilmore Girls!

  4. This is actually a pretty cool idea. I don't quite know if I could handle your CP choice though. I'd be too busy staring at him to really catpure the info he'd try to share to improve my story lol!!!

  5. Haha, this is so fun!! I've never seen Gilmore Girls, but I love the idea of putting together a team out of TV show characters. Do you mind if I steal the idea? My brain is already working out which Glee characters would be best for which roles... ;)

  6. Oh, quick question...this is probably a silly question, but what does CP stand for?


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