Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sites that help a writer

The internet can be a distraction, sure, but I've also found a lot of websites that help my writing in some way. Here are some of those:
  • Pinterest. I delayed getting one of these, because I thought it was so cliche to get one, and if I did, people would think I was using it for wedding ideas. But it's been really helpful in gathering visual ideas for my story. They let you have 3 secret boards, so no one else can see it, if you want to keep things private (like me).
  • Etsy. A lot of people post their crafts on this site. There's jewelry, clothes, costumes, and other bobbles. I found a necklace there that matches what I imagine an important necklace in my book to be.
  • Wordle. Copy and paste your entire book (or just a section) and see what words keep cropping up so you know what to avoid.
  • Babynamesworld.com. I can't get over suggesting this site for finding names. They have the best advanced search option I've ever seen.
What are some sites that you find help you in getting your writing better?


  1. Pinterest helps me, too! I make inspiration boards :) I created a new physical inspiration board from things I found on Pinterest and it's closer to anything I've created before. I have also used Etsy and Babynamesworld.com, Lol.

    I tired Wordle a few times...but my cloud wouldn't work. :/

  2. Random name generators are fun, too. When I was coming up with names for my Dystopian, I used one and set the obscurity factor high. I wanted names that were a little unusual.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  3. I hadn't thought about using Wordle like that, or pinterest! Thanks for the tips and the links!!!

  4. I've used Wordle. And I've decided to start getting more serious with Pinterest :)

  5. Cool! I've yet to start using Pinterest, though I really want to. I've tried Wordle and love it. And thanks for the great name search reference--I'm always searching for names, so it's great to find a top source!

  6. I haven't used Pinterest for my writing yet, but I plan to. So many writers seem to love it!


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