Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brand New World Blogfest

Jaye Robin Brown has set up a blogfest in which we imagine that on December 22, 2012, we wake up to a whole new world. What would we want that world to be like?

I could go into personal wishes of mine (snakes are gone) but there is one serious wish that I think wouldn't be terribly hard, and hopefully in light of recent events, people will take action on it.

And that's this: people would raise their kids right.

There's a lot of wonderful people out there, which means there are a lot of wonderful parents. And sometimes, even wonderful parents can't stop their kid from going bad. But I noticed in high school a lot of the people I hung out with were people whose parents were present and taught them morals, which made me feel comfortable around them. Those whose parents were absent and didn't guide their kids were the ones I didn't feel comfortable hanging out with.

Again, I know some people who have been amazing parents, but their kid made their own choices and it didn't turn out so great. But I see even more kids who could be wonderful, if only they'd been taught the right way to go.

Imagine every child was taught love and consideration for others. Imagine every child was taught responsibility and respect. It's not that a lot of people aren't capable of it, it's that they aren't taught it at an early age from their parents.

That's what I would want in the new world. A strengthening of parents to child.


  1. This is a great wish. Strengthening of the parent/child bond. Even the simple act of dining together every evening can make such a huge difference.

  2. Great wishes! But I think we still need snakes, they help keep the rodent populations down. :o) No, my mind is certainly on children since the CT shooting. I hug my own kids a little tighter and pray for them a little more. Kids are the greatest treasure this world has to offer. (I guess that is why I love to write books for them.)

    Have a lovely weekend and it's great to "meet" you, Jenna! <3

  3. I'm with you on this. We owe it to our kids to be the best parents we can be. They'll make their own choices, sure, but we can still do our part in teaching them, loving them, and letting them know that we will always be here for them, no matter what.

  4. I completely agree. As more and more of my friends are becoming mothers and fathers, I'm realizing exactly how critical our choices are. As a child, you assume your parents are always right, and you think your way of life is the normal way of life.

    How amazing to realize how impressionable and shapeable kids actually are. I agree that sometimes nature overrides nurture, and there's nothing you can do as a parent to overcome that, but sometimes you can. And as a parent, you never lose sight of this, so you can give your children the morals and values they deserve.

    Great post!

  5. I would sign up for that world :-) I don't have kids but have tried to do my bit by helping out with Brownies.


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