Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grammar Nazi

I found this hilarious video on youtube called Grammar Nazis. Unfortunately, the video won't show on anywhere but youtube so I can only link you to it.

Being an English major, I come across the Grammar Nazi a lot. Sometimes, I think it's a little bit ridiculous how intense some people can be. Of course I support using correct grammar, but there are some really obscure rules and people don't adhere to them in speech (among them...who can really tell me when to use who and when to use whom? I never understood that).

However, I admit to having one not-very-well-known grammar rule that I'm a stickler about. That is the difference between using "good" and "well". It's come to the point where my younger brother mocks me and purposely uses the wrong word just to annoy me.

Are you a Grammar Nazi? Know any? Do you have one grammar rule you follow religiously?


  1. I am kind of a Grammar Nazi... *hangs head* But in my defense, I worked at the Akron Beacon Journal as a copyeditor for a little while, so I check grammar like it's my job because it was :) Not that I don't make the occasional mistake myself!

  2. I correct everyone on good/well. :)

  3. I am always learning about grammar. I thought I knew it well and then I picked up a Chicago Manual of Style :weep: I suppose I'm less of a Nazi and more of an apprentice, lol. I can't stand hapless mistakes though--especially the ones you get in newspapers or on shop signs.

  4. hey Jenna
    Having gone to art school where, for the one english class I took, I turned in a handmade a book instead of a term paper, grammar is not my strong point. But I actually like when the grammar police come down on me (as long as they aren't mean about it.) Because it's not something I ever really learned properly.

    However, I do have a related pet peeve - double spacing after a period. Drives me nuts. It's a visual/typographical thing that is no longer necessary. Like the Oxford comma, there are anti and pro camps to this.

    By the way, I've given you an award. check it out here:

  5. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a grammar nazi, but bad grammar definitely irks me when I see it!


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