Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sparkfest: My Inspiration

Over on Christine Tyler's blog The Writer Coaster, she has a blogfest featuring the books and authors who have really inspired us as writers. These are the questions she asked:
  1. What book made you realize you were doomed as a writer?
  2. What author set off that spark of inspiration for your current Work in Progress?
  3. Or, is there a book or author that changed your world view?
And so here are my responses:
1. When I read Harry Potter the first (couple dozen) time, I was a young, young writer. I loved, loved, loved the series. But it wasn't really until this past year I realized I was doomed. I mean, obviously J.K. Rowling has made millions (or more) off of HP, and we can't expect her type of success. But the way she weaves mythology, magic, religion, alchemy, and so many different threads into her larger tale is so astounding. And not only that, but her work with HP is just magical. I'll never produce anything half so amazing as HP.

2. Well, my WIP features a princess as the MC, so I might be able to trace this back to my Disney and Swan Princess days. But, if anything, I would really attribute it to Gail Carson Levine and her books, especially Ella Enchanted and The Two Princess of Bamarre as well as the short Princess Tales she wrote. While my WIP is intended for an older YA audience opposed to an MG one, these books that I grew up with definitely set me up for my current WIP.

3. Jane Austen changed my views on day-to-day activities, and taught me about balance. C.S. Lewis taught me how the spiritual can be in anything. Jay Asher made me stop and think about how one of my actions could affect someone else. But I have to ultimately give this one to Suzanne Collins for her work with The Hunger Games. I kind of thought about war before, but not to the extent that Collins made me. I came to face with all of the gray areas of war, life, and government after Mockingjay. I'd never stepped back from a book and asked myself, "What would I do if I were in this situation?" I've never self-evaluated myself more than when I read this series.

Join in on the blogfest! There's still two more days to post!


  1. Oh man, yes and yes. I have yet to read any Gail Carson Levine, though (shameful, I know).

  2. I was waiting for someone to name HP as their spark! LOL... I totally enjoyed the books! Also, I love books that make me self-evaluate the way Suzanne Collins' books did for you. That's why I LOVE Jodi Picoult. She, too, makes me ask: "What would I do in this situation?"

  3. Hi, Jenna! These are awesome choices. I love HP and HG and Ella Enchanted! I haven't read The Two Princesses of Bamarre, but this is the second time someone mentioned it in her Spark post. I should definitely put that at the top of my to-read list.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi, just stopped by to say hello and follow a fellow campaigner. I couldn't agree more about J.K. Rowling, H.P. was filled amazing things.

  5. Loved Harry's adventures and shared them with my young readers. Hope those stories Sparked something in them.

    Come say hi. I'm sharing a few sparks at the Write Game.

  6. I think one of the best things about JKs writing is that she makes it seem so *easy.* And then the writing flows so well and is so easy to read. She's a master of the craft, because that doesn't just happen on accident.