Thursday, August 4, 2011

I love the library

When I came back home from college for the summer, I brought home 32 books (and that's not school books). I went to school last year in the fall with only 5 books but accumulated 27 more along the way.
As you might imagine, this created a lot of problems with finding a place for these books. They cluttered my room and I was just stacking them up. So, to make room for my new shiny books, I went through and looked at what books I hadn't read in a long time, and I knew I wouldn't read again. So I gave them a new life at my local branch of the library.

But then again, I suppose I owed it to the library to donate those books, considering I took eight books out today, and that's pretty standard for me. But hey, I have a long weekend ahead of me with my family vacation up in Big Bear mountains. The books should be back in no time.


  1. I love the library too! It's one of my favorite places! Right now I'm overdue on a few books my kids lost (they've got to be here somewhere!) so I'm thinking I'm not on their favorite list. ;) I'll get them back soon. I always do. Enjoy your weekend. Family and reading - sounds like heaven!

  2. I love the library for researching, and studying, but oddly never borrow books to just read. I don't like that I have to give them back.

    I understand that I'm weird. But when I take a book home it's *mine*. Plus I can never read them fast enough to get them back before incurring late fees.

  3. I uaually hate to rid myself of any of my books since I uaually only buy books that I would want to hold onto. We have taken a lot of my wife's books to donate, but since they were in Spanish I didn't care to try to read them. We live in a community were there are a lot of Spanish speakers so maybe they can add them to the library collection. I'm sure they find something to do with them and we get a tax deduction for our donation.

    Tossing It Out

  4. I love donating my books to the library because I get so much out of mine! Can't be too library-greedy, ya know? ;)