Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dream Team: The Office edition

We all know that writing a book, and then publishing is a lot of work that expands beyond just the author. So, if I could choose my team for my book from the character in NBC's The Office, this is who I would choose for what job:
Pam Halpert would be my critique partner. She's already given the world her idea for her own YA series, and so we're both going down the same path. I think she could be honest with me, but still be nice and supportive.
Dwight K. Schrute for my agent. He's the top salesman at Dunder Mifflin, and I think that the sign says everything there is to say about him. He'd get my book sold.
 Oscar Martinez for my editor. As a member of the Finer Things Club, he already has an appreciation for literature. Given his level head, I think he'd be best suited for this job in the office.
Kelly Kapoor as the cover designer. Now, my first choice would have been Pam, but she's already my critique partner. Kelly has style sense already, so I think out of all the people in the office, she would be able to most adapt to that role.

For my marketing manager, I'd choose Michael Scott. Now, some of his ideas are crazy. But some of his ideas turn out pretty amazing, like his proposal to Holly:

So, if this cast of characters is what I had for a publishing team, this is who I would choose.
Thank goodness there are other options, though.


  1. Love The Office, LOVE this post! Thanks for the smile :)

  2. The Office is awesome. Great post! I agree about Pam - she'd be a great CP. Remember that episode when she said she was writing a YA novel?