Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

After spending a ridiculous $4.79 on a card for my mom this past Thursday, I thought that maybe people were right, and Mother's Day was a sham put on by the card companies. But then on Friday I called my mom to talk to her about my sister's move, a favor I wanted to ask of her, and what my brother and dad were up to that night. And if it so be that Mother's Day was created by the card company, fine. Give them my $4.79. My mom is worth it (and more).

So here are two videos I love about mother's. The first is a poem about mothers called "The Lanyard" by Billy Collins which I find hilarious. The second is much nearer to me, as it was spoken by who I believe is a servant of the Lord. I won't post about my religion often or much at all, but for me motherhood is directly entwined with God and I can't separate the two. This second video, for me, is what Mother's Day is celebrating.



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