Thursday, April 21, 2011

Setting Collage

As I'm working on developing a story that's been in my head for about the past month, I realized that I really needed to get setting down. It's the entire background of the story, I needed it to be right. And, as this story is a fantasy set in a made-up medieval land, there are a lot of different ways that the reader could picture it: Disney-fied, dark and gritty, maybe some Lord of the Rings; medieval fantasy has so many different possible connotations that I wanted to make sure mine was clear.
But how would I do this? Well, I had to know what I wanted, for one. And then I had to make sure that I would stick to it. The character collages I did earlier really inspired me. As I don't have magazines on medieval castles and landscapes, I instead browsed around the internet and made up a quick collage with the different parts of setting that will be important to my story. This is what I made:
This is the collage for the exterior at least. I'll probably do one on the interior as well. I'm hoping this will help me as I write to establish the setting by having a visual to refer back to when I need to describe something.

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