Monday, April 18, 2011

Now you get to see if I can walk the walk...

You've heard me (or read me?) talk the talk. And today you get the opportunity to see if I can walk the walk.

My semester has wrapped up (I just have finals left--yikes!) and so my Creative Writing class is done. For that class, our final is to make a portfolio of our best work. And so I've decided to share with all of you two pieces. One I turned into my final portfolio, but the other I didn't.

First, my creative non-fiction "Blue Jeans, Man". If you don't know what creative non-fiction is (because I didn't before I took this class) it's something that actually happened to the author and they are telling in a way that is similar to creative fiction writing. For the sake of privacy, I've changed some names. You can read it on this Google doc.

This is a short story that I wrote, "Sight", but I did not add to my final because I chose another short story to add (I'm not putting up that one because it's sprouting an idea for a novel). So here is "Sight".

We also had to put in poems, but I've already shared one (the spam poem I put up earlier) and the other ones I wrote are not worth posting. Poetry is not my strong suit.

I hope you enjoy your first glimpse at my walking. Let me know what you think.