Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fool's Day

I know it's the third, but I wanted to share my April Fool's Day. I've just been busy before now to set out an type it all up.

One the 31st, I bought some Oreos and offered some to my roommates. Then, when they were all in their rooms sleeping or in bed, I took out the cream of the cookie and replaced it with white toothpaste. I went to bed, but while I was asleep two of my roommates fell to my trick.

I woke up to a room covered in toilet paper. I slept in a bit while my other roommate fell for the tricks and I was warned. Our deodorant had cream cheese spread across, our milk was pink, our shampoo and conditioner bottles had saran wrap over them, our toothbrushes had something icky on it. So after avoiding all of these shenanigans, I get a text from my best friend from back home, Jasmine. She told me she was coming up and wanted to know if I was free. Obviously, I wasn't falling for an April Fool's joke. So I told her so. After several text messages, I found she wasn't kidding, and I was so glad! I spent the weekend hanging out with her, and that was so much fun. I won't be able to see her again until June when I finish with school.

To get back one of my roommates, me and another roommate put a note on the windshield of her car that read, "Sorry about the dent!!! Call me so we can exchange insurance info!" And we left a number of a guy we know. Well, she fell for it. She looked for the dent, although she didn't call the number. Right as she was about to, she realized it was a joke. And we put some old letters of my other roommate's in the mailbox, so she thought she got three letters from three of her different friends who are out of the country. Oh, April Fool's Day!

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