Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This giveaway is now closed!
This weekend I hit and passed the 200 follower mark. Thank you all of my lovely followers for following, reading, and commenting. I've had such a fun time writing this blog, I'm glad others find it worthwhile to follow. :)

I like to do giveaways and such. I've done it once before for when I hit 100 followers. Right now I don't have anything to giveaway. I might in a while, but for now I don't. So, for my 200 follower giveaway, I'm going to...give you an option!

Showcase #1: A 25-page critique of your work (excluding any erotic scene). But other than that, it's fair game.
Showcase #2: This one you'll need to wait for. But it might be what you want. I'll be going to the Fierce Reads Tour leg in San Diego, where several debut authors are coming, including Marissa Meyer, Anna Banks, and others. Head here to see who'll be there. I will also be attending Kiersten White's book launch for Endlessly which means you can get any of the Paranormalcy trilogy signed. Also. I might be able to go to the Dark Days Tour which has Veronica Roth, Dan Wells, Aprilynne Pike, and S.J. Kincaid attending. This is where it gets a little complicated. If you want a book by one of those four authors, I can do my best to get there and get a book signed for you, and if I can't make it, you can take the 25-page critique or a book signed by Kiersten White (the Fierce Reads Tour is before this).
The winner will be chosen and announced next week on June 5, so get your entry in before that!
Got it?
I'll admit, I tried to do the whole rafflecopter thing and I just ended up confused. So it's back to my trusty google doc form!


  1. Congratulations on 200 followers! That's so very exciting! :)

  2. Well done Jenna :-) I'm so hoping I reach 100 followers some time this year but 200 plus that's amazing.

  3. Congratulations on reaching 200! :)