Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two digits make a difference

Two days ago, I was nineteen. In a matter of hours that changed. I'm now twenty.

People make a huge deal out of eighteen and twenty-one, but so far, twenty is the big number for me. At eighteen, yeah, I was technically an adult, but still in high school and relying on my parents. I didn't have anyone to vote for, military branch to join, man to marry, desire to buy lottery tickets, infomercial products, or cigarettes. Twenty-one will be a big number for me, although probably not the way it's big for most other girls.

Still, twenty seems so large. Why hasn't it gotten recognition before? At eighteen and nineteen, I was technically an adult, but I still felt a lot like a kid. Now, twenty. I have a whole new decade ahead of me. Probably one with the most life changes (graduating from college, going to grad school, getting a job, maybe getting married and starting a family, maybe getting a publishing deal, maybe going on a mission, and for sure entering the adult world for real). It didn't hit me in my teens how much my life could change. Of course, I saw it as the fog in the distance, but now I'm in the middle of the fog, with a compass to point me but no way of knowing what I'll bump into along the way and how I'll need to adjust my compass because of it. I feel a lot of big changes coming my way.

But, for some stuff that was fun about my birthday yesterday:

  • Tickets for The Hunger Games went on sale and I got mine for Friday, March 23 at 12:01 AM. This fangirl is ready.
  • I actually ate out at a restuarant (skimpy college kid here...never mind my roommates treated me).
  • Starkid announced their next show, Holy Musical B@tman!
  • Prepared for three different midterms (oh wait...I said fun, didn't I? Scratch this)
  • Lots of messages on my facebook wall.


  1. I totally remember 20. 24 was the big one for me. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I reached my 'mid twenties'.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy belated Birthday! :D It sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    I turned 30 last year and it felt like a milestone. Well I also got married two days after so it was just a BIG month :D

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday!

    I found twenty scary... and now I'm going to be twenty two in a weeks time (that scares me as well... that sounds like a proper grown up!!). It does sound so much older and grown up doesn't it? Although, the way it turned out, I found being twenty awesome.

    That's so awesome that you got Hunger Games film tickets... I am SO exited about that film!
    And I'm so excited about the new Starkid musical as well!! Eeeeeek! :D Good stuff! Apart from the studying, sounds like you had a great day :D xx

  4. Happy birthday. You do have a wonderful decade in front of you. Just remember that every decade has its ups and downs.

    Wait until you hit 30.

  5. Happy Birthday! You can also say that you are now 1/5 of a century old. I put that in my best friend's birthday card when she turned 20 and she laughed so hard. Honestly, 20 was a good number for me, but I'm 23 and sometimes I still don't feel like an adult. Being a kid is much more fun.

    And I'm totally excited for The Hunger Games too! :)

  6. I can relate, being only a month away from the big 2-0 myself, but I'm quite apprehensive about it! I'm not sure I really want to be 20! I spent so long wishing myself to the 17/18/19 age but I don't think I fully appreciated it when I got there, and now it's almost gone!

    Of course, I don't plan on getting any older in my head, but it's sad to see the number go up on paper!

    And gosh, don't get me started on the hunger games! I think I'm going to BURST from excitement!

  7. :) Happy birthday!

    You have amazing things ahead of you... Enjoy every second!

  8. I loved twenty! Have a fun year. :) And good luck with midterms!

  9. Happy birthday! 20 is like, the best.

  10. Happy belated birthday! My twenties were a lot of fun/hard work. Have a great year.
    *waves* from the campaign...