Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Writing Resolutions

With the new year, bear with me as I share my goals for 2012 (at least the writingish ones).
  1. Edit at least a page a day.
  2. Write 500 words a day, of anything.
  3. Comment on at least three blogs four days out of the week.
  4. Prepare a query (although whether I actually query...different story).
  5. Have FORGET ME NOT into its shiniest form.
I've tried to make my resolutions doable, so I don't end up like the cartoon above. Slow and steady after all.

What resolutions have you made?


  1. Those are great ones! I'd like to finish my WIP (I'm about 5K from the end), and really take my time with editing/revisions. And keep blogging~ I really enjoy interacting with writers online, so I'd like to keep up with it on a regular basis.

  2. Wow, great goals!

    One of my big ones is to query the heck out of my manuscript. Fingers crossed it will lead to good things :)

  3. Great resolutions, err I mean goals. But aren't they the same thing? We writer's never get away from them, so a new year is just another excuse to make sure we're on track. Good luck to you in 2012!

  4. Ah! Only if I had that much will power to go ahead and make and follow through resolutions!
    I absolutely agree about blogs and writing! :)

  5. Great resolutions. I wish you success in reaching those goals.

    I've focused on finding balance so that I can write, blog and live healther and happier.

  6. I prefer doable goals too. Good luck with yours!

  7. Those are very doable goals Jenna. You can do it!

  8. Great goals :) Thanks for joining the character blogfest. I think it will be tons of fun! I came over to follow you, but I already am :)

  9. Oh, that's a lot of blogs to comment on! I'm so bad at blogging -- and at commenting :)

    I didn't actually make new YEAR'S resolutions, but rather new MONTH resolutions. This month, it's 300 words a day.

    I've already skipped a day--though if you count the handwritten, brainstorming words, I guess I made it :D

    Glad to find your blog!

  10. My resolutions this year: write 3000 words per day, query at least 50 agents per week, and increase my twitter followers to 50,000. JUST KIDDING!! I did make five realistic goals for the year. My #1 goal is to do everything I can to get my MG novel published this year.