Thursday, June 30, 2011

How we get going

A week ago I got stuck about where to go in my W.I.P. I procrastinated, of course, but nothing I did helped me. So I thought about what I did that would always give me ideas. Then I remembered when I was younger, I'd always go out to our backyard and jump on our trampoline. I'd spin all types of stories about fairies with flower names fighting off evil, and girls baking muffins in their cottages that attracted the princes to their door, resulting in their royal marriage.

Wondering if it worked again, I went out to the trampoline and started jumping. Sure enough, within minutes I had the next chapter all lined up in my head and ready to be written. Now, I go outside nearly every day to start thinking about what I'll be writing that day. I'd always heard that exercise gets the creative ideas flowing, but I never really believed it until now.

Is there anything you do before you write to get going?


  1. That's interesting. Maybe I should jump up and down on my bed and see if anything happens (other than the ceiling falling in). Will report back.

    Moody Writing

  2. I like to take a walk before writing. It wakes me up, let's me sort through my thoughts. And if I'm going to be sitting and typing, I might as well get some physical activity beforehand!

  3. I've heard that exercise helps with writer's block, but I didn't think about jumping on the trampoline . . . I have to say, I like your version better. Great tip!

  4. Ooo I never owned a trampoline, but they were fun (and scary) when I got to use other peoples. Good advice :)

  5. What a good excuse to purchase a trampoline :) I get lots of idea while running, in the shower, and right before I'm supposed to be headed to bed.

  6. That sounds so fun! Now I want a trampoline. :)