Monday, February 21, 2011

Brazilian Food. Why is there not more in the US?

For my birthday (tomorrow) my brother took me out to lunch today. Yesterday he called and asked where I wanted to go. I didn't really have a place I wanted, and he snapped that up and said he knew where we'd go, but wouldn't tell me.

He picked me up today and took me to a Brazilian restuarant called Tocanus. He spent two years in Brazil, but I've never gone to eat Brazilian food before. Once we got our seats, we went to the bar of food they had set up. I got this delicious cheese bread. It's basically like soft, chewy cheese wrapped in a bun of bread. I started to get a bit of pasta, but my brother told me that I wouldn't want to waste plate or stomach space on that. He suggested I get something called farofa. This is farofa:
I thought it looked kinda strange, but what the heck, why not try it, right? So then we sat back down and the food began.

In Brazilian restaurants, people come around with skewers of meat. As they come you pick what you want and how much. They go in rounds, so when your favorite comes again you can get it. So basically, other than one skewer of vegetables and one of pineapple, it was meat. Beef, chicken, seafood, it was all there and constantly being put on your plate. I even tried chicken hearts (it's very good. Don't be turned off by it if you have the chance to try some).

I also tried the farofa. For looking kinda weird, it was amazing and I wish I knew how to describe it, but it's purely Brazilian. I can't think of a way to explain it. It's just delicious.

We ate until we were full. And I regret not going to get Brazilian food earlier. And when I left, my question why there aren't more Brazilian restaurants in the US. I mean, the concept seems pretty adaptable to the American people. Eat meat until you're stuffed. It's great.

So look out for a good Brazilian restaurant. Eat. Enjoy.

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