Thursday, October 25, 2012

I am a library addict

Hello, everyone. My name is Jenna, and I'm a library addict.
Provo, UT library. Yeah, it's gorgeous.
Libraries are free. They have so many things there: books, movies, CDs, TV shows, and all of them you can borrow for free. When I get inside a library, I buzz with the knowledge that I can take out up to fifty items without dropping a single penny. There's no guilt like a bookstore, because I'm not spending any money on this stuff, so if a book turns out to be bad, what does it matter? It was free anyway!

This may not seem like a problem, but believe me, when walking home with an armful of books you can barely carry, and then come back home to the mountain of books from your previous library trip, this becomes a problem. There's no way I could read all of these before they're due back, unless my professors decide hey, why give the students homework? Or make them come to class? And so sometimes, I have to return a book before I've read it which disappoints me, and other times I hold onto a book for weeks and weeks, making me feel guilty for hoarding it.

Oh, and other cool stuff that libraries do? They have author visits. So you can meet the actual person who wrote the book you read! I've met amazing authors like Lois Lowry, Ally Condie, Shannon Hale, Marissa Meyer, and a whole lot of others because they came to a library. Only if you want a signed book (which I have an addiction to as well) you need to buy a book and suddenly, this whole thing is a lot less free. Help! I'm going broke!

And then they do stuff like hold writing groups. Which, believe me, is great, except when I have a paper and two proposals and a test and a presentation to do! I go, and I feel guilty I'm missing out on school. I don't go, and I'm cursing my lack of time, wishing I could be there.

My name is Jenna, and I'm a library addict. But I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. yup, me too. And that is a gorgeous library!

  2. Love this post! I'm a bit obsessed with libraries as well, those ours don't tend to get author visits (authors come to the bookstores in Denver, though, which is close enough to drive to). That Provo library is amazing :)

  3. Hi, I'm Sara and I'm a library addict. I'm teaching my children to be library addicts too. I take them almost every week. The only problem is that the libraries in middle Georgia are not the best So I do a lot of Inter-library loan (and there's a lot of books I can't even get that way). The librarians are beginning to look panicked whenever I come around.


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