Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going on

*Climbs out of hole*
*Blinks in the brightness of the internet's light*
Hello, again.
I've been pretty much absent for a while. I hit a slump with my book, a huge one that I haven't hurdled past yet, and I'm working on still. Other stuff has happened, like my cousin getting married and my brother leaving for the Navy (he's going to be a doctor!), and my sister coming to visit with her kids.

But mostly, I felt worn out.

Which is weird, because it's summer and I should be all jazz hands about it. But things just got...moody. You know, when it happens for no good reason? When you don't want to do anything? Pretty much, I've been reading. Which is why my only posts here have been for book reviews. Oh, I pretended like I was working. I made a youtube channel to review all of the books I read, since I only do one a week here and don't get a chance to discuss them all. And I read, I've babysat.

But what's really important, I've been slacking on. My book. And for some reason, that just climbed into this blog as well, and I felt uninspired. I didn't want to post just for the sake of posting, which is why all we have are two book reviews since my slump hit.

Upon realizing that I'm leaving for school in a month, I know I have to get my act together and finish this book. Just the first draft of it! So I'm using this blog for accountability. I will be doing my regular post and keeping an update on how I'm doing.

Here's to ending ruts. Cheers.


  1. I think it's normal to get burned out every once in a while--it definitely happens to me. Your inspiration will come back when it's ready! Keep us updated on your progress with the first draft! :)

  2. It's totally normal to feel like that. Sometimes it happens to me when I hit conclusions in books. It could be halfway through a book, but if I've resolved something big, sometimes my brain will go "okay, I've been working in overdrive, BREAK TIME!" And I'm all "NOOO, this story needs to be DONE!" It happens very often after I finish a book. Sometimes it lasts a week, sometimes a few weeks. A few times, it's lasted a few months, where I feel like it's pulling teeth to try to write anything. I've learned to just relax during those times and get other things done that refresh my mind, and then all of a sudden, WHAM!

    Which isn't to say that sometimes we just need to plug on and keep going...(that's what I'm trying to do now!). Just that it's okay to pause and breathe and give your muse a rest now and then. I think that oftentimes when I rest like that, my brain is just simmering stories in the background and I don't realize it until they all hit.

    There's a phrase that goes "you can't wait for inspiration; you have to go after it with a club." So... *hands you a club*

  3. The sun is bright out here, I know. That rut can be become...very comfortable.

    Cheers to you for calling the situation as you see it and deciding to hold yourself accountable. Here's to making that first draft happen!

  4. Chin up, kiddo. Slumps are natural and its smart to just let them happen. We're all still hear waiting!