Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to make twitter work for you

All right, so my last post is about twitter pet peeves of mine. So I thought to balance that negativity, I'd follow up with a post on how to make twitter work for you, and things that I like seeing on twitter.

  • The @ reply. I was recently followed by someone who has a book coming out in 2013. After I followed her, she engaged me in a conversation. I'm a lot more likely to buy her book now, because I feel like more than a number, and I feel like I know her better based on our personable conversation.
  • Tweet! Sometimes, I see a tweet and I realize that I'm following someone I didn't know I followed because they never tweet. So, this might be really obvious, but tweet. It doesn't really help you if you're so seldom on that people don't know about you or your book.
  • Share industry and craft-related articles. I always love it when people share articles on writing and books. This can be from your blog, someone else's blog, an article in PW, anything. Maybe this is just me who likes this stuff, but it gets me to notice you on twitter.
  • Get involved with a hashtag. #fridayreads #kidlit #writingtip any of these and others can get you connected. #confession I don't use hashtags much, but when I see people who do use them for this and others, I always get the feeling that they have more of a network around them on twitter. And for these hashtags, I mean more than what's trending. Instead, get involved with a permanent hashtag.
What have you found works in your favor when using twitter?


  1. These are really good tips. I second the importance of the hashtag. I use #amwriting a lot, and I've connected with people I probably wouldn't have met otherwise.


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