Thursday, November 17, 2011

PerNoFiMo Check-in

All right, because I need to be accountable to somebody for my Personal Novel Finishing Month, I've come to tell you guys my progress.
I am now at 58k on my W.I.P. Whew!
I think I'm going to be closer to 65k when I finish, but I tend to underwrite my first time through, so after everything goes through and it's finished, it should be longer.

And, to amuse you, a video called Harry Potter in 99 Seconds. Because I am both a nerd and easily entertained.


  1. Congrats on doing so well!

    And I love that video! Absolutely hilarious!

  2. Fantastic job on your novel, I hope the rest of it goes well also!

  3. Funny video! Great progress on your novel~ you're so close!!!

  4. Your doing awesome! Love the vid :)

  5. I also underwrite the first time through. I think we just need to get it out then go back and add then add some more once we know where we are going with the story. I am also a nerd and easily entertained! LOL! Love your blog :)