Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Early Work blogfest

Juliemybird has put together a blogfest on the early work of our writing lives. You can find out about it here.

Well, first thing's first. Julie asked that we include a picture of a dinosaur or wolf in our blog post (well, we get an extra entry, and that's easy enough). Snaps if you know this awesome movie:
In first and second grade we had these writing journals and that's where I started to actually write my stories. There's not too much from first grade, except I wrote an awesome one where a princess wanted a pet (me...I always wanted one but didn't get one until I was 13) so she runs away from her family (are you hearing me Mom and Dad?) and has a pet lion that doesn't eat her, a pet monkey, and doves that send messages to her family. She's very happy with her pets and her treehouse.

Then in third grade I branched out and wrote my first chapter book. It was about a mermaid princess who had to marry a prince she didn't like, and she fell in love with a common merman who was so handsome and cool. And of course in the end she gets to marry the awesome merguy that she loves.
My mermaid princess had a seashell bra, but this one's otherwise close to mine.
I wrote some other stuff through my other elementary years, and then come seventh grade Lord of the Rings was in. So I wrote about elves and human relationships, and how a king had taken a half-elf, half-human girl as his daughter because he loved her mother, who died. Then the princess is rescued by three elves who take her to the elvish lands where she finds out that her dad is an elf. Naturally, she falls in love with one of the elves who journeyed with her, while the other two were more comic relief characters. There's lots of archery in it, of course. So yes, thank you Legolas for that inspiration.
Look at him. He was the most attractive one to a 13-year-old girl.
I did try a bit in the contemporary genre. I played volleyball since sixth grade, and so in high school (freshman year) I wrote In It For the Spandex, which featured preppy girls joining the volleyball team to get out of P.E. and their clashing with the jock girls. Lots of teenage drama in a very Disney channel-esque fashion with plenty of cute boys and homecoming dances to go around.
Spandex was always my least favorite part of volleyball. Too short, too much bunching!
So...now we're pretty much up to where I am today, at least, as recent as 5 years. So what about you? What was some of your early work about?


  1. Oh my goodness - sounds like you have written some amazing stuff, even at an early age. And I LOVE The Land Before Time. Little Foot is so cute! What a great post. Thanks for visiting my blog today. So glad I found your blog. It's AWESOME and I'm a new follower!

  2. You have been the busiest writer going over there :-)

  3. **squeals** The LAND BEFORE TIME!!!!!

    Ahem. Nice nice. I really like this post. (Might try one of my own ;) ) Btw thanks for checking out my blog!

    My story--I wrote a cool Egyptian romance in 7th grade and these girl's liked it so much they'd give me my math notes and answers to the hw so that I could write during class. Needless to say...the following year I failed Algebra 1, but I got even more inspired to write :)

  4. Yay! The Land Before Time! Loved that movie. That spandex book sounds like it would be super marketable--do you still have it and if so, would it be something you would submit to agents? I always wondered why the spandex was actually necessary in volleyball--protection from floor burns, maybe? I mostly wrote journals of our family trips when I was younger--no fiction for me :)

  5. All your books sound great. Who wouldn't want a lion and a monkey in a tree house? And Little Foot was one of my favorite dinosaurs. I bet my son would still know what movie if I said, "Sarah, you're going the wrong way!"

    Great post. I'm glad I stopped by!

  6. Maybe I should mention that my son is in his early twenties. We watched Land Before Time SOOOO many times when he was little we probably could have turned down the volume and said the lines for the characters.

  7. From pets, to elves, to spandex-clad girls. You have awesome range! :) I still tend to write what I'm interested in at the moment.

  8. "In It For The Spandex" might be my favorite book title, ever! Sounds like you've got a lot of awesome ideas roaming about in that brain!

  9. OMG I loved The Land Before Time as a kid! I practically had the whole thing memorized. :)

  10. Love love love Land Before Time. And I agree with Jeigh, "In It For The Spandex" is a great title. :)
    Thanks for entering, Jenna!